August 2017


Erin DeMuth

Design and Sourcing Specialist

Erin DeMuth | Lead Sourcing Specialist
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    Tetris, awesome game, awesome tile.  Coincidence?  I think not! This tile is a fun play on the 8-bit game. You know when you’re at that point, when all the shapes are dropping really fast and you have gaps where you just need an “L” or “T” shape, but you keep getting that weird step piece!?! (Come on, admit it, you know what I’m talking about.) Then B-A-M the screen filled up… GAME OVER.


    This tile reminds me of that point when the screen is just about filled up and you’re hoping for that one shape to knock down that top row. Tetris’ playfulness makes it really unique; its positive and negative spaces allows for the light to bounce off at different rates and create an eye-grabbing visual effect.

    Everywhere?! I kid, but honestly this could work great in a lot of different wall applications because of the great range of bright, bold colors and metallic finishes.


    FORM Architects in DC specified Tetris Vermelho (red) on an accent wall in a corporate office kitchen area. They used a red grout to create an almost seamless effect with the Tetris. It looks awesome, FORM!



    Aesthetic: Wall Tile - Dimensional

    Size: 12"x24"

    Location: Import

    Application: Wall


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  • THE DETAILS                              THE APPLICATION                             THE TILE POINTS

    Sticking with the gaming theme, Glamour’s Pyramid design reminds me of the platforms in Mario Bros. Classic. I remember playing this with my brother and we’d try and push each other into the Shellcreepers or Sidesteppers. Good times! But back to Pyramid, this tile has a great dimensional aesthetic. It’s stud-like appearance is available in Mirror (shown above), Gold and White. A great minimalist palette and texture for your Mario Bros. contemporary designs.

    I really like Diamond (the image on the right) for a couple of reasons:


    1.) It is a 9”x18” format that is subdivided into 4 tiles (approx. 4.5”x9”).


    2.) It’s a large format tile that gives the illusion of a straight stacked dimensional subway tile.


    3.) I love the geometry within Diamond’s design. It’s composed of random-sized triangles that meet at different locations or high points on the tile.  This creates movement that is more organic than other dimensional tiles.


    Diamond is a great, contemporary look for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom shower walls in a multifamily building.  If you would like to use Diamond as your accent wall and have the rest of the walls be subtle, Diamond also comes with a coordinating 9”x18” smooth white tile (Brilliant).

    Aesthetic: Wall Tile - Dimensional

    Size: 9"18", 12"x24", 14"x39", Stacked Mosaic 1"x4" | Not all sizes are available in every design. Please see website cutsheet for availability.

    Location: Domestic

    Application: Wall


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